Pay Per Call Advertising – How Pay Per Call Can Benefit Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Pay Per Call is an advertising method in which advertisers only pay the cost of calls made by customers of their product or service. This type of advertising has grown rapidly as an alternative to traditional marketing, which can be time consuming and costly. In contrast, Pay Per Call services cost nothing for the advertiser when a customer makes a call to their company. Advertisers only pay for calls made when a customer inquires about a product or service. In other words, Pay Per Call services are similar to traditional marketing methods, but cost less per sale.

Pay Per Call companies provide training and information on how to make the most of this lucrative advertising method. Pay Per Call platforms provide leads for advertisers based on demographics, purchasing habits and other factors. Affiliates use the information provided by affiliates to generate targeted leads for advertisers. Pay Per Call platforms also allow affiliates to publish targeted ads that can be sent to lead based on their interests.

One way that Pay Per Call Marketing can help an advertiser achieve their advertising goals is by allowing them to track inbound phone call traffic generated from their advertising efforts. Using a system like Zencart, an advertiser can see how many calls were generated from each of their PPC ads and various campaigns. This allows an advertiser to see which ad campaigns are generating the most traffic and which ad advertisements are not achieving desired conversion rates.

Another way that Pay Per Call Business can benefit an affiliate is through a reduction in the cost of maintaining sales leads. By tracking the inbound phone calls that are being generated from the Pay Per Call business, the business owner can see how much money is being spent on acquiring new customers. By reducing the cost of advertising, the owner of the affiliate stand to increase the amount of revenue that is being generated from their Pay Per Call business. The owners of the pay per call business stand to save money by not having to pay for outbound telemarketing calls or time spent on cold calling.

Pay Per Call publishers can also benefit from increased sales revenue because of reduced overhead associated with their advertising programs. Pay Per Call publishers can eliminate the need to hire phone agents and pay for advertising in a similar manner as other pay publishers. Pay Per Call publishers can also save money by avoiding the cost of setting up a sales force. Pay Per Call allows an affiliate to set a minimum amount of credit that they will pay for each sale. When a customer purchases a product from the Pay Per Call site and pays the agreed upon amount, the publisher reserves the rights to bill the customer’s credit card for the remainder of the amount that was paid for the item. This allows the publisher to eliminate the need for outbound phone calls and other forms of advertising that can quickly run afoul of Federal and State regulations.

Pay Per Call advertising has proven to be very effective for many social media performance marketers. By utilizing pay per call advertising programs to boost social traffic, social media marketers are able to generate traffic from a variety of sources and attract more attention from their target audience. Social media performance marketers stand to benefit the most from the Pay Per Call advertising programs because of the flexibility they offer. Pay Per Call advertising allows them to choose the sources that they want to advertise against and often times they are able to control the type of information that is displayed on their website. Pay Per Call advertising programs are also beneficial to newer social media marketers because of the cost per thousand that they charge for the use of their service. Many newer social media websites do not have the resources to afford traditional advertising solutions and therefore the option of Pay Per Call advertising is one that they should definitely explore.