Maid Service – Home Cleaning Made Simple

Maid Service, maid cleaning service, apartment cleaning, janitorial service and commercial cleaning service are all terms more recently referring to a special external service offering a particular service to persons, companies, fraternal organizations and institutions. Maids are professionally trained in cleaning, dusting, mopping, gardening, scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms. They are highly valued for their ability to act as an intermediary between the tenants and owners. These services are highly appreciated by property owners whose premises are often so dirty that hiring a professional service becomes a necessity.

Many property managers appreciate the value that they add to a property by employing a maid service on a regular basis. They find that their properties remain fresh and clean with the regular addition of the lady cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Property managers often have their own cleaning staff and maids, so the daily or weekly job of mopping and cleaning is delegated to them when they are available. When these chores are completed, they are handed over to the qualified Maids, who go through a training programme to receive further training and acquire specific job skills. The training that they undergo lasts about two weeks and after this the training stops.

A Maid service offers cleaning services beyond the normal household cleaning products. These services are usually not covered by the employer’s insurance because the service carries additional risk and expense. One of the risks and expenses that the business is required to shoulder is the use of cleaning products. There is a range of cleaning products that a Maid Service will be able to use depending on what is requested by the client. Sometimes it is simpler to just ask the Maids to use a certain product than it is to try to fit different cleaning products into a certain space.

Other types of recurring customers include hotels, restaurants, offices, theatres, and night clubs. These businesses are all very different in that they are all busy and require a fast and efficient clean, particularly if they deal with a large volume of people. For this reason a Maid Service is able to offer cleaning services at a fraction of the cost that regular cleaners would charge. The cost effective service is exactly what most busy businesses want.

Other types of maid services that a Maid Service can provide includes the use of cleaners to clean floors, bathrooms, kitchen areas and tile work. Maids are highly skilled and trained in providing the type of cleaning services required in each of these areas. They have high-powered cleaning equipment that can handle all sorts of jobs including scrubbing toilets to cleaning kitchens and showers. There are no limits to what you can have Maids do for you.

Many professional Maid Services also offers bi-weekly cleanings. These are mini-weekly cleaning services that are usually done within a specified time-frame. These are great if you don’t want to be disturbed too much by having to go into your home to get things done. Maids can help you enjoy your home while being given extra time to themselves to relax after a hard week of work. With many of the services available, there are flexible options to suit all kinds of budgets. So whether you’re looking for a quick and efficient service or something more long term, there’s an option for you.